Important and Interesting cases that we have dealt with.

R V W.

W was arrested with 2 other people for Murder 4 years after the disappearance of a former house mate who was found to have been murdered. The body of the deceased had been encased in concrete and concealed in the rear garden of the house they had once occupied.

This case involved extremely complex scientific and factual issues and resulted in an aquittal of our client after a five week trial at Chester Crown Court. The other two defendants represented by other firms were convicted of Murder.



BW was driving a minibus which was involved in an accident with a motorcyclist which resulted in the rider receiving fatal injuries. BW was charged with causing death by careless driving. The Police Collision Investigator was of the view that BW was at fault and the CPS made a decision to prosecute. As part of our case investigation we identified a witness that the Police and CPS had ignored and also other important evidential features resulting from a reconstruction exercise we commissioned using an independent expert.

As a result of our efforts the Jury at the trial considered all of the available the evidence not just the 'edited highlights' and concluded that BW was not guilty.


R v MR

R was captured on CCTV shooting a male in the head at close range and was subsequently charged with murder.

R had been the subject of a prolonged campaign of violence by a criminal gang over a period of years during which he had been attacked with a shotgun, samurai sword and other weapons. He had armed himself as a means of protection.

At trial we argued self defence stating that the extremely dangerous position he had found himself in justified using lethal force to defend himself. The defence was accepted and he was found not guilty.


R v S & others - Sham Marriages.

Recently concluded representing S who was alleged to be the organiser of a group of Indian and Lithuanian nationals who were involved in a number of sham marriages designed to gain permanent residence status in the United Kingdom.



D charged with offences of conspiracy to possess firearms with intent to endanger life following a long running investigation into the nationwide supply of firearms being used in gangland shootings between Manchester, Yorkshire and London.



Case involving major drugs supply and money laundering operation from Netherlands into the U.K.which following a major seizure of drugs and largest amount of cash siezed in North Wales , linked into a drugs and firearms supply ring in South Wales, Midlands and Europe.


Police v AE

AE was alleged to have driven dangerously through Wrexham Town Centre after failing to stop for Police Officers. Officers were unable to catch AE on the night however he was located some weeks later via his car registration details.

AE was charged with Dangerous Driving and taken to court. AE was facing a potential prison sentence, a disqualification from driving and his employment as a mechanic was in jeopardy.

After investigation our Solicitors found that the police had failed to serve a Notice of Intended Prosecution and had not interviewed AE within the 14-day time limit.

Our solicitors successfully argued that the prosecution could not lawfully proceed. The charge was dismissed against AE without the matter going to trial.


R v W and R v M

Two separate cases of armed robbery relying on DNA evidence.

In the case of M he had been advised to plead guilty by his first solicitors as they told him he could not possibly win his case.

A friend of his recommended that he seek our assistance.We undertook extensive analysis of the evidence and pressed the CPS in both cases for further information and challenged the reliability of the evidence.

In each case as a result of the challenges we made each client was found not guilty.



We have recently represented two defendants accused of offences relating to the supply of class A drugs in a case involving enquiries throughout 5 police force areas and significant quantities of drugs being trafficked. Our Solicitor-Advocate representing one of the clients at the Crown Court who was the only one of 31 defendants not to be sent to prison for supplying cocaine.

This is one of a number of large scale national drugs supply conspiracies we have undertaken work on over the past years representing clients from locations throughout the U.K. who have sought our assistance after hearing of our growing reputation for dealing with serious crime matters.


Operation Trimeter


We represented a number of defendants involved in firearms and supply of class A drugs in Wrexham and North Wales. We represented 6 of the defendants all of whom had varying roles and involvement. The case involved covert listening devices being placed in vehicles over a period of 4 months and mobile telephone call and mast data which required detailed scrutiny.


Operation YOM

We represented 4 defendants in a 9-month undercover surveillance operation involving 9 persons involved in the heavy duty couriering large amounts of class A drugs between North Wales and Merseyside. The majority of the evidence came from physical camera surveillance from a property in Wrexham which also included covert voice recording equipment being installed in an office and a motor vehicle. Following on the case a 3-year proceeds of crime investigation involving detailed analysis of our client's acquisitions and holdings which resulted in us halving the amount of money the Police were seeking.


R v MP 

An exceptional case involving a Dog that was dangerously out of control and caused injuries to a schoolgirl. The unusual thing about this case was the dog was a family pet that had shown no aggression towards it's owners in the 2 years they had had the dog. The dog caused puncture wounds to the girl's neck and she needed hospital treatment. P was prosecuted despite the fact he has wrestled the dog from the girl and had it destroyed after contacting Police. On the guidelines the sentence had a potential starting point of 18 months custody, however due to the unusual circumstances we successfully argued that a conditional discharge should be put in place rather than custody.   


R v JC 

 A case where JC was found in possession of drugs and charged with supply offences based on a Police expert's report which we successfully challenged resulting in a charge of simple possession offence and avoidance of a custodial sentence.  


 R v RJ

A case where RJ had been charged with transporting items into the prison based on a 'mixed DNA profile' on the wrapping. The matter was listed for a trial despite numerous representations regards the poor quality of the evidence. It took submissions before the Crown Court to finally have the matter dismissed.  



R v JH

This was an unusual case in that it involved a client escaping, whilst handcuffed from the Police. He remained at large for 3 hours, still in handcuffs where he was found hiding by the hospital in Wrexham Maelor, seemingly not having been able to find a blacksmith to break him out of his handcuffs.



C was a taxi driver involved in a traffic accident in which an elderly pedestrian received injuries which caused him to be hospitalised. Case involved challenges to the use of 'expert' police evidence regarding accident investigation and also complicated medical issues which resulted in a not guilty verdict being reached at trial.



Due to the sensitive nature of this type of case we never publish any details of individual cases. However we have extensive experience of dealing with many different types of sexual allegations which more frequently involve defending allegations of historical sexual offences. During January, 2015, three such cases, two of rape and one of sexual touching have come to trial with all of our clients being found not guilty of all charges.